Disinfection with UV-C light:

protects safely, reliably and environmentally friendly against viruses, germs and bacteria

The HyDe Society for Hygiene and Disinfection Technology mbH offers a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative with UVC radiation for surface disinfection. This method can be used to reliably inactivate viruses and efficiently kill bacteria and mold spores.

The method can be used in almost all areas where hygienically clean surfaces are essential.

HyDe GmbH develops individually tailored disinfection solutions for companies.

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Benefits of UV disinfection...

up to 99.9% of the microorganisms can be inactivated and their proliferation prevented in a targeted manner

is a dry disinfection method

works with all microorganisms

(e.g. E.Coli bacteria, SARS, corona viruses, legionella and mold)

does not cause resistance